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In         spiring the

                          Next Generation

               The Department of Chemistry is committed
               to supporting the teaching of science
               in schools and has a long-established
               programme of activities aimed at enriching
               the science curriculum, raising aspirations
               and inspiring the next generation of
               chemists. We continue to monitor, evaluate
               and develop the outreach we offer informed
               by current research, the changing education
               landscape and in consultation with teachers,
               pupils and other education professionals.

                                                               skills working with a supportive team; their feedback
                                     Research in this field shows
                                     that to increase the impact of   indicates that they find the experience worthwhile,
                                     outreach to realise our aims,   rewarding and enjoyable.
                                     we need to offer a sustained   We are proud of the wide range of outreach we offer
                                     programme, with students   which engages with thousands of school students and
                                     engaged throughout their   hundreds of teachers each year and continues to grow.
                                     education. Consequently, the   We are always open to ideas and are grateful to all who
                                     Department offers activities   support our efforts.
                                     from primary through
                                   to the end of secondary
               education both independently and in collaboration with   Chemistry for Kids
               a range of providers who share our goals. These events   It is never too early to start introducing children to the
               include collaborative annual Primary Science Days with   delights of chemistry, and with this in mind, teaching and
               the departments of Materials,                                      outreach specialist Dr Malcolm
               Mathematics, Computer Science                                      Stewart has provided chemistry
               and Physics, and our extensive                                     expertise for a new children’s book
               practical workshops where                                          on the periodic table aimed at Key
               students have the opportunity to                                   Stage 2, called Lift the Flap Periodic
               synthesise esters, analyse dyes                                    Table published by Usborne; ISBN
               in cough sweets or construct an                                    978-1-4749-2266-1.
               aluminium/air battery - to name
               but a few.                                                         Malcolm says: ‘Chemistry is always
                                                                                  perceived as a difficult subject
               As well as running events, we offer                                and a lot of people are scared of
               training to our students to develop                                it.  By presenting the idea of the
               and deliver workshops and talks                                    periodic table in a friendly way to
               at schools as student ambassadors                                  younger children, this fear should
               including the delivery of the                                      be alleviated and give people the
               RSC’s ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’                                 confidence to embrace chemistry
               project. Our ambassadors have                                      at secondary school and beyond.’
               the opportunity to further their
               communication and  presentation

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