In-silico Screening for Anthrax Toxin Inhibitors

News Media interest in this project

The original University of Oxford Press Release 22nd Jan 2002

Follow-up news stories:

9th March 2002 Chicago Tribune, The Times

8th March 2002 BBC News, Fox FM, BBC Radio Oxford, BBC News, FT, PA News Wire, Central ITV News, ITN, Bloomberg News, Education Guardian, Guardian

21st Feb 2002 News Scientist, Washington Post

12th Feb 2002 TB & Outbreaks Week

31st Jan 2002 Oxford BluePrint, Deutsche Presse-Agentur

29th Jan 2002 The Australian

29th Jan 2002 InformationWeek

25th Jan 2002 Economic News

24th Jan 2002 Canberra Times, Business Recorder

22nd Jan 2002 - Guardian , BBC News , FT Global newswire, Annanova , ABC News , Reuters , CNN , NewScientist , (CNet) , BBC TV Local News South (18.30 and 22.20), New York Times (requires free registration), National Public Radio (Robert Siegel interview), Austin American Statesman , LA Times , MSNBC , Nando Times , Mercury News , Tamba Bay News, USA-Today , Washington Post , Wall Steet Journal, The Charleston Gazette,, St. Petersburg Times.


Computer running the Anthrax project



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