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Journal Alerting Services

NOTIFICATION of new papers/journal issues

RSS Feeds

Most of the services listed below provide RSS feeds; to make use of these you will need an RSS reader, eg. Google Reader.

Introduction to RSS feeds

RSS feeds for journal Tables of Contents

RSS feeds allow you to bring together the latest tables of contents of your favourite journals into your own personal web page or software tool. RSS feeds are more convenient than email alerts because:

  • You don't need to register separately at numerous sites
  • Tables of Contents have links directly to the articles on the e-journal site
  • You can look at your Tables of Contents alerts whenever you like
  • Your RSS reader will indicate whenever you have unread Tables of Contents available


is an Electronic Table of Contents alerting service

Further information:

The ZETOC service is provided by MIMAS at the University of Manchester on behalf of the British Library and JISC.


  • View latest Tables of Contents on the web or set up email alerts or RSS feeds. Covers over 20,874 journals from 1568 publishers, incl. ACS, RSC, Nature.

SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts)

  • Keep me Posted feature allows you to set up alerts for references or substances of interest

Web of Knowledge

Publishers' Services

If the above do not cover all the journals you need, check out the publisher's website. Many publishers provide a free alerting service to allow you to keep up-to-date with their journals by sending you an email notification whenever a new journal issue is published (this may include a Table of Contents, or give the URL of a web page where it can be found) and/or by providing RSS feeds for journal Tables of Contents. Most require registration. Publishers with a free alert or RSS service for new journal issues include:

For a list of publishers providing RSS feeds see RSS feeds for journal tables of contents (compiled by University of Liverpool Library).

Alternative Services

N.B. While the Tables of Contents are provided free, access to the full text of articles is only available if a subscription or other agreement exists.

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