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Off-site access

to Oxford University's subscription Databases and Electronic Journals,

and past Exam Papers

This page provides information on how to access Oxford University-restricted resources (such as subscription databases and full text electronic journals, and past exam papers), when not connected to the Oxford network.

To access these restricted resources when not connected to the Oxford network you need to show that you are a valid Oxford University user - there are various ways of doing this:

1. Oxford Virtual Private Network (VPN) service

The Oxford IT Services VPN service* allows off-campus access to all Oxford University-restricted resources via any ISP from anywhere in the world. It involves using software on your computer (available for Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone and some other systems) which makes your computer appear to the outside world as if it is connected to the Oxford network.

2. Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) account

Use "Sign On" on SOLO for remote access (without VPN) to almost all library e-resources: databases, electronic reference works, e-book and e-journal packages.

Alternatively, for access to all journal subscriptions go via Oxford University e-Journals list. For similar access to subscription databases go via OXLIP+.

Some journals (eg. Elsevier/Science Direct) and other resources (such as Web of Knowledge, Reaxys and the National Chemical Database Service) offer off-campus access direct from their own websites with an Oxford SSO account (look for links to 'alternative login', or 'institutional login', or 'Shibboleth').

3. Eduroam

Eduroam is an international federation of academic institutions which allows its users to visit other organizations and use the same username and password* as they would use at their home institution to connect to another institution's Eduroam wifi network. While this provides a wifi connection, you will still need to use one of the above methods to connect to most Oxford University-restricted resources.


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