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Oxford Single Sign on account

Your Oxford Single Sign on account provides access to various Oxford University services (Nexus email, WebLearn, Mailing lists etc.) and via the Shibboleth gateway it can also be used for offsite access to the following:

  • Web of Knowledge/Science & Journal Citation Reports : login here
  • Science Direct/Elsevier
  • various other journals and databases

N.B. See the Off-site access page for details of other offsite access routes.

SciFinder Web

This requires a separate registration - University of Oxford users can register for SciFinder Web by following the registration link on this WebLearn page, then Login to SciFinder web here.


Chemical Database Service at Daresbury

CDS requires a separate registration - register using your University of Oxford email address at the Oxford Express Registration Form.

The first time you login to CDS, if you select 'Use your Institutional Login' via UK Federation, you can tie your CDS username/account to your Oxford SSO account, so that in future you can logon with your Oxford SSO account.

You can change your password on the CDS password change form; this also gives rules for acceptable passwords.

REMINDER: Oxford subscription resources are only available to Oxford University users; licenses cover academic use only (i.e. not for any commercial use); passwords must NOT BE SHARED with anyone else within or outside the university; entitlement ceases once you are no longer a member of the University.

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