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Beilstein and Gmelin via Reaxys

Use Reaxys for web access to Beilstein and Gmelin databases.

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REAXYS an integrated chemical information system with the following components:

  1. Beilstein Organic Chemistry Reactions database from 1771 (abstracts from 1980)
    • contains over 9.6 million organic compounds, many with property data, and over 10 million reactions. Includes pharmacology, toxicology and ecological chemistry data
  2. Gmelin Inorganic Chemistry database from 1700s
    • contains over 2.4 million inorganic and organometallic compounds, 1.8 million reactions and 1.2 million references
    • regular updates add current information, as well as bridging the data gap from 1995 onwards
    • covers information about analytical chemistry, atomic physics, ores, chemical technology, electrochemistry, geochemistry, history of chemistry, colloid chemistry, coordination chemistry, corrosion and passivity, crystallography, geology, metallography, metallurgy, mineralogy, non-ferrous metals, physical properties (crystallographic, mechanical, optical, magnetic, electrical), toxicity and hazards, economic and statistical data.
    • reaction searching now available
  3. Patent Chemistry Database
    • Selected organic chemistry patent publications (1869 -1980)
    • US, World and European patents from 1976 for Patent classes: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Preparations, Biocides, Agrochemicals and Dyes

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