Department of Chemistry   University of Oxford

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University

All at 2.00 pm on Tuesday in the Lecture Theatre of the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.
Convenor: Prof. S. Faulkner and Prof. S.J. Clarke

Week 0 9 October Ernesto Carmona (Universidad De Sevilla)
The 2015 M L H Green lecture

Complexes with Molybdenum-Molybdenum Multiple Bonds

Week 1

13 October

No Seminar

Week 2

20 October

Russell Morris (University of St Andrews)

ADORable zeolites – New mechanisms for controlling porosity and targeting ‘unfeasible’ materials

Week 3

27 October

Martin Albrecht (Universität Bern)

Donor-flexible ligands and their implication for redox catalysis

Week 4

3 November

Roland Fischer (Ruhr-Universität, Bochum)


Week 5

10 November

Chris Slootweg (VU Amsterdam)

From OCP to BCP: Cooperative Lewis acid/base Catalysis and more

Week 6 17 November

Polly Arnold (University of Edinburgh)

Controlling small molecule activation with organoactinide complexes: two metals are better than one

Week 7 24 November

Adrian Chaplin (University of Warwick)

Strategies for controlling C-H bond activation reactions of late transition metal complexes

Week 8 1 December

Peter Bruce (Oxford Materials)

Oxygen Redox Chemistry in Solids and Aprotic Solvents

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