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All colloquia will be held in the Dyson Perrins Lecture Theatre, Thursday at 2 pm, unless otherwise stated. All visitors are welcome. For information or to meet speakers please contact Dr Sam Thompson/ Prof. R. Adlington via email:,

Week 0 6 – 7 October AstraZeneca-sponsored Third Year Graduate Talks
CRL Wolfson Room
Week 1 15 October

Professor Michal Hocek (Charles University, Department of Organic and Nuclear Chemistry)

From new Nucleoside Cytostatics to Base-modified Nucleic Acids

Week 2 22 October

Professor Corey Stephenson (University of Michigan, Department of Chemistry)

Visible Light Mediated Free Radical Chemistry

Week 3 29 October Pfizer-sponsored Symposium and Poster Session


Dr Andrew Lawrence (University of Edinburgh, Department of Chemistry)

Biomimetic Synthesis of Complex Natural Products


Dr David Blakemore (Worldwide Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer, Cambridge UK)

Complex Molecule Synthesis in Action


Professor Beining Chen (University of Sheffield, Department of Chemistry)

Isonitrile-based Multicomponent Reactions in Chemical Library and Natural Product Syntheses

  15.30 Break

Professor Jonathan Clayden (University of Bristol, Department of Chemistry

Conformational Communication Devices: Synthesising Biomimetic Function


Third Year Poster Session and Drinks Reception
CRL Atrium

Week 4 5 November

Professor Robert Paton (University of Oxford, Department of Chemistry)

Computer-Accelerated Organic Chemistry: from Structures to Selectivities

Week 5 12 November Professor Joseph Harrity (University of Sheffield, Department of Chemistry)

New Strategies for the Synthesis of Boronic Acid Derivatives
Week 6 19 November

Professor John Robinson (Universität Zürich, Institute of Organic Chemistry)

New Peptidomimetic Antibiotics Targeting Membrane Proteins in Gram-Negative Bacteria

Week 7 26 November

Professor Mario Waser (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Institute of Organic Chemistry)

Design, Syntheses, and Applications of (Thio)-Urea/Quaternary Ammonium Salt Hybrid Catalysts

Week 8 3 December

Professor Ed Tate (Imperial College London, Department of Chemistry)

Protein Modification: from Chemical Biology to Drug Discovery

We thank Eli Lilly (Windlesham) for their generous support
of the Organic Chemistry Colloquia


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