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The Seminars are held at 4.45 p.m. on Monday in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room (20.12)
- opposite the Main Lecture Theatre

All Welcome - Prof. J.P.K. Doye

Week 1

12 October

Prof Paul Popelier (University of Manchester)

Quantum Chemical Topology

Week 2

19 October

No Seminar

Week 3

26 October

Dr David Glowacki (University of Bristol)

Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics at the frontiers of parallel computing and digital aesthetics

Week 4

2 November No Seminar

Week 5

9 November

Dr Thomas Ouldrdge (Imperial College, London)

Predicting and manipulating the folding pathways of DNA origami

Week 6

16 November No Seminar
Week 7 23 November

No Seminar

Week 8

30 November

Dr Jeremy Richardson (University of Durham)

Nonadiabatic dynamics and electron-transfer rates beyond Marcus theory

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