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Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The Department of Chemistry supports staff and students to develop and maintain positive wellbeing and mental health.   Our award-winning ‘Include and Respect’ week is held each year to raise awareness and provide support across a range of issues, including anti-bullying, mental health and wellbeing, and hidden diversity (LGBTQ+ in STEM).  All members of the Department are encouraged to attend and participate in activities and events that also benefit local organisations such as the Oxfordshire branch of MIND.  External speakers have included Professor David Smith from York Chemistry (a beacon institution for good equality practice) and David Ruebain from the Equality Challenge Unit.

The University’s Occupational Health Service provides a range of information and support and can be accessed here:

In 2018 the University signed up to the  Mindful Employer's Charter for Employers Who Are Positive About Mental Health in 2018 and is working on an Oxford-specific action plan for developing a culture that is more supportive of staff mental health, alongside support for student mental health.  

The University also provides a range of self-help, local and online resources here:


Sexual harrassment and violence

The University has a specialist service for students who have experienced sexual harrassment and violence: