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Department of Chemistry welcomes Dr Fidel CastroDepartment of Chemistry welcomes Dr Fidel Castro

Dr Fidel Castro, Chief Scientific advisor to the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba on the 26th May 2005 took a tour of the new Chemistry Research Laboratory facilities, see photographs from the day.


Prof. H. L. Anderson's research highlighted as a Prof. H. L. Anderson's research highlighted as a "hot article"

Prof. H. L. Anderson's recent article about building a nanoporous framework, published in Chem. Comm. has been highlighted by the RSC as a 'hot article'. The publication reports a quinoidal porphyrin has been synthesised with such a curved p-system that pp stacking leads to the formation of cyclic trimer aggregates in the crystal, which pack to generate cylindrical channels with an internal diameter of 1.0 nm.


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