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Lilly Prizes for Excellence in Organic Chemistry Research

The Lilly Prizes for Excellence in Organic Chemistry Research are awarded by Eli Lilly and Company Ltd. They are awarded for excellence in the first year of postgraduate study and are assessed on the quality of experimental work, written submission and viva voce at the point of examination for PRS transfer of status to DPhil. Dr Magnus Walter from Lilly’s came to award the prizes on Thursday 12 December.

The winners of the Lilly prizes for the year 2012-2013 are:

Alex Cavell (Supervisor – Dr Martin Smith)
Alex Graham (Supervisor – Professor Hagan Bayley)
Pengpeng Liu (Supervisor – Professor Harry Anderson)
Ekaterina Melikhova (Supervisor – Professor Tim Donohoe)
Miriam O’Duill (Supervisor – Professor Veronique Gouverneur)
Matt Rattley (Supervisor – Professor Darren Dixon)
David Shepherd (Supervisor – Dr Jonathan Burton)
Robert Straker (Supervisor – Dr Ed Anderson)

The following students have received commendations for their performance at the PRS interviews and the high standard of their experimental work and written submissions: 

Marta Brambilla (Supervisor – Professor Steve Davies)
Adam Gammack (Supervisor – Professor Darren Dixon)
Sam Grayer (Supervisor – Dr Stuart Conway)
Kelvin Jackson (Supervisor – Dr Rob Paton)
Wojcich Kaluza (Supervisor – Professor Harry Anderson)
Nuntaporn Kamonsutthipaijit (Supervisor – Professor Harry Anderson)
Manjeet Majhail (Supervisor – Professor Michael Willis)
Amy Varney (Supervisor – Dr Angela Russell)
Jinchao Yang (Supervisor – Professor Darren Dixon)

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