blog added 14/08/2006

Testing Enblend settings

Realviz Stitcher, PTMac and PTGui all allow external multiple file blending software to help make smooth transitions between photographs.
The Enblend software performs this magic blending.
However, in my hands, I shall say, it doesn't also give  perfect results as exemplified by the screen shoot below. Now this could be due to the Stitching software or subtle configuration in enblend itself. Thinking it could be something I could sort, I tired a number of settings in enblend, I don't think I resolved anything though.
Here are some of my observations.
1). PTMac and Realviz Stitcher produced the same level of error.
PTMac  PTMAC-Pano-default
Stitcher test-enblend1
2). Enblend installation version 1.3 and 2.5 give the same sort of result
1.3 test-enblend1_1
2.5 test-enblend2
3). Feather settings doesn't seem to do much this is with feather 100
4). Enblend level of optimization does seem to make much difference in this case.
Level 15 test-enblend1_2
Level 20 PTMAC-Pano-enblend20
Level 22 ptMac-result-dualG5
5). Now in PTMac it is possible to reorder the photographs and this has an impact on the blending.
So all above have the order 6 plus Zenith then nadir
This is Zenith plus 6 then nadir
This is Zenith then nadir plus 6
Hey that looks a lot better, BUT when you look around the rest has got a lot worse.
6). Realviz Stitcher and PTGui allow a different blending software routine "Smartblend"
This is better but not prefect still.
So am I asking too much or is there something else wrong ?
Feel free to download the samples files and tell me where i have gone wrong, the source files they are here too.