blog added 14/08/2006

PTMac 4.1 and Canon 5D & Canon 15 mm Fisheye

Both PTMac and PTGui provide an alternative to Realviz Stitcher to create 360 degree panoramas.
The following is a workflow for PTMac to stitch a 360 panorama together with photographed using my Canon 5D and Canon 15mm Fisheye lens.
1. On starting PTMac, PTMac has a project wizard to help you create panoramas, I'll use this to create this example tutorial. So choose Multi-row panorama.
Picture 1
2. Choose Equirectangular with zenith and nadir photographs.

Picture 2
3. Load main row of photographs, after a while it will spot that your EXIF  camera data.

Picture 3
4. Load the zenith and nadir photographs.

Picture 4
5. Now arrange photographs, I first rotated them by 90 CCW.

Picture 5
6. In the Panorama window I moved each photograph until they were approximately in the right position. Or you could do this in the Image Parameters window tab using the autoarrange, this could well be quicker.
Picture 6(2)

7. Now the next stage is to set the control points, this used to be a nightmare but now this can be done automatically. Press on the Auto match button at the bottom, this will start generating the control point.
Picture 9
8. Hopefully it will say this this has been done well

Picture 10

9. Next stage to optimize the lens distortion parameters and actual FOV and the correct yaw, pitch and roll.

Picture 11
10. Pressing on Run optimizer will start it all going, in this case I have set an auto-sequence of step by step correction of the lens and panohead photograph values.

Picture 13

11. After a number of steps the software will show you how well the values are optimizing, you can remove the values which are very high, due to bad control point choices, by just delete the big values from the control point table.

Picture 12

12. Removing these high values allows the control points to optimize to a very good accuracy, I think an order of a less than a couple of pixel is good.

Picture 14
13. Final stage creating the panorama

Picture 15
14. Instead of the default settings, I choose enblend .tiff.

Picture 17

15. After a few mins the resulting panorama was created.
As seen here as a QTVR movie created by CubicConvertor.
There are a few seems in the resulting panoramas but minor, and they are in the same place produced by Realviz Stitcher so I conclude that they are a result of the enblend routine. So I need to investigate how best to use enblend for both PTMac and Realviz Stitcher.
Oh yes here is a final screen shot from PTMac the lens Setting produced from the control point optimization process.
lens results