blog added 11/08/2006

Stitcher Unlimited & Canon 20D & Sigma 8mm

Here are my observation on the workflow to use Realviz Stitcher 5.5 U and the Canon 20D and Sigma 8mm lens setup.
I'm very interested in this because even though my current setup uses the Canon 5D a large number of my exhibition prints ( were produced using my old canon 10D.


Capture - the usual manual focus, manual exposure, manual white balance and six photos around and one up.
Stitching -
1) Launch Stitcher Unlimited and load the 7 photographs, Stitcher spots that they are from a circular lens and offers initial settings, accept these.
2) Rotate the 7 photographs CCW
3) Go to Properties
4) Calibrate Fisheye lens, adjust the circle till happy, press Okay
5) Properties slightly changed for the better.
6) Press AutoStitch and wait a short while
7) Before render I suggest you stencil out some of the overlap at the zenith, I basically removed the top section from each of the six photographs around which overlap a lot with the zenith shot.
8) Setup Render for a Spherical Image.

9) Take the resulting .TIF into Adobe Photoshop for any extra adjustment, in this case I just sharpened a little.
10) Process the .TIF through CubicConverter followed by Pleinpot to generate full-screen QTVR panorama.
The result is here and has worked well.