blog added 09/08/2006

Stitcher 5.5U Smartblend Speeds

My initial tests with the new version of Stitcher and its new Smart Blend included software found that there was a slow down in my Mac OS X machines.
So I decided to look at the speeds in detail across a range of computers I have access to in my computer suite.
The workflow is the same for each, load images, rotate CCW 90 degrees, select properties, set Full Frame Fisheye, calibrate. Then record time for Autostitch. Next set up render (I more less used the defult render, to make this quick), so Spherical Image but set size 50%, Smart Blend, Jpg, 85%, Mitchell interpolation, record time to do Render and then total time for Blending and the estimated time take to the Smart Blend.

The results show a linear relationship between processor speed and the Auto-Stitching and Rendering, the Smart Blend requires lots of RAM or there is a considerable slowdown  for the Smart Blend and Mac OS X as much as 4-5 times longer. This is a bit worrying since I mainly work on my Mac.
I had hoped try to speed up my Mac render, by using the external "enblend" software, sadly the Relaviz Sttitcher 5.5 version I have seems not to work with external render engines, the Windows version does!!
So here is the results for 13 computers:
------------------------------------------AutoStitch-----Render    -----Total----SmartBlend
PowerMac Dual G5(2GHz) (1Gb)----------1.52----------5.38----------20.21----------14.83
iMac G5(2GHz) (1Gb)----------1.51----------5.2----------19.15----------13.95
PowerMac G4(1GHz) (768Mb)----------4.57----------11.4----------37.2----------25.8
iMac G4(0.7GHz) (512Mb)    ----------8.36----------17.58----------51.04----------33.46

Dual Core Centrino(1.86GHz) (1Gb)----------1.4----------3.4----------7.11----------3.71
Dual Xeon(2.4GHz) (3Gb)----------2.07    failed to start render   
Intel P4(3GHz) (1Gb)----------2.42----------6.4----------11.05----------4.65
AMD Athlon 2600(2GHz) (480Mb)----------3.03----------4.19----------9.58----------5.39
AMD Sempron 2800(2GHz) (512Mb)----------3.16----------    4.44----------8.58----------4.14
Celeron(2.4GHz) (504Mb)----------4.04----------8.25----------12.54----------4.29
iCute Celeron(2.4GHz) (504Mb)----------4.17----------9.06----------14.5---------- 5.44
AMD Duron(1GHz) (240Mb )----------7.27----------9.49----------25.4----------15.91
Celeron(0.5GHz) (320Mb)----------14.49----------23.57----------40.17----------16.6