blog added 09/08/2006

Canon 15mm Fisheye Lens & Realviz Stitcher Unlimited 5.5

Yes, yes at last Realviz Stitcher can handle fisheye lens.
The following is my workflow without the DeFishing stage, which double the file storage requirements and reduced workflow rate.
Equipment: Canon 5D, Canon 15mm f2.8 Fisheye lens, customized 360precision panohead, Manfrotto 055Pro tripod plus 555B central column, and Canon TC-80N3 Remote controller.
Camera Setting. Manual Focus at hyperfocal distance, same Manual exposure for all shots, Manual white balance locked to gray card for environment lightning. I don’t often bother with RAW so large JPEG files.
Realviz Stitcher Workflow
1. Load images. Straight from camera at last.............
2. Stitcher will try to identify the lens, it gets it wrong as being a 15mm rectilinear lens, we will change this in a second.
3. Select all, and rotate the images 90 CCW.
4. Select Edit, Properties, switch to Full Frame Fisheye and press on calibrate fisheye lens and accept setting.
Picture 1
5. Press on AutoStitch
6. Stencil out panohead side arm
7. Render Spherical Image, Tif, SmartBlend, Lanczos3 interpolation
8. Render
9. Open resulting Spherical image in Cubic Convertor or Abode Photoshop CS 2 to edit if necessary, not done here.
10. Save QTVR movie from Cubic Convertor.
11. Use Pleinpot software to make fullscreen QTVR web page. Linked here.
If you want the source files they are here too.