blog added 13/03/2006

Realviz Stitcher 5.1 with Canon 20D and Canon 10-20 mm Lens

With the success of Realviz Stitcher 5.1 and my Canon 5D set-up I decided to return to one of my old examples and see how Stitcher 5.1 would work with the Canon 20 and Canon 10-22 mm lens.
When I bought this combination I was really excited about the high resolution option over my previous set-up the Canon 10D and the Sigma 8mm fisheye lens. The Canon ultra wide angle lens is an excellent lens and I had taken many lovely shots with it.
The workflow on paper looked really good since I would not have to do the DeFish set to get the photos into Stitcher, however, after many tests I found it a bit of pain to actually use, for my purposes. There are a number of ways to combine the photographs together to produce a 360 spherical view, but though 8 around is possible, it is really hard to fit the zenith and nadir shots into this combination 4 up and 4 down as doesn't really work well.
So I'd settled on 6 around at -30 and 6 up at +30 plus 1 zenith. The problem with this, combination, is people, you are either capturing their feet or heads, so by the time you get around to capture the other half of them, they have moved, leaving you with bits of people in frame. I went back to using my Sigma 8mm fisheye lens.
Anyway, I did a few panoramas with the Canon 10-20mm, I'd posted one on the web as an example for others, it wasn't that great since I was using my Kaidan Panorama head and had not really got the non-parallax (nodal) point correct. Previous versions of Realviz Stitcher did not like this and often stitching errors would be present.
My initial tests with Realviz Stitcher 5.1 showed that is was able to handle poor set ups, I was really interested if this would produce a good result from my old example files.
It does a great job !  


1. Drag the 13 photos into Stitcher (it auto recognizes the lens setup) and press AutoStitch
Result, a good stitch and ready to render in about 2 mins.
2. Render as spherical .tif with multi-layer enblend, to give the resulting file (also very quick at 4 mins), followed by conversion to QTVR in Cubic Convertor to give the resulting movie.
The QTVR resulting movie - the result is good in my eyes, well done again Realviz.
Does this mean, I should look back at 2500 panoramas and see if I can improve them.......