blog added 22/10/2005

PTMac v3.1 Workflow

The excellent panoramic photographer Ian Wood kindly downloaded by museum sample files and produced an excellent version on the QTVR file using the Kekus PTMac software v3.
Below are screenshots of the PTMac workflow plus a few of my comments.
1. Opening the software and initial file import
2. Lens Settings
3. Panorama Settings
4. Crop Settings
5. Image Parameters
6. Control Points - I never really got on with the idea of manually setting control points and found often this would take me over an hours just of 7 photos, heaven help anyone who does this with 28mm lens and the resulting 36 photographs. I got really excited when Kekus releases the add on "Xpoints" which automates the control point process, however I had limited sucess with Xpoints and often found myself adding extra control points by hand and then removing the auto set points.
Here Ian knows how to use Xpoints and in fact built his own tool aid this process. Interestingly the control point are all clustered around the middle point of the overlap, without seeing this I didn't expect this to me the correct layout and had always spread mine across the whole range of overlap.
7. Optimizer
8. Create Panorama
The resulting QTVR file is excellent and with less stitching errors the panorama Realviz Stitcher 5.0.x produced. Though the time to produce this file is considerably longer.
The QTVR resulting movie