blog added 10/11/2004

Canon 20D and Canon EFS 10-22 mm

The following information is based on my initial tests with the new Canon 20D camera and the new Canon EFS 10-22 mm f/3.5-4.5 USM super wide zoom lens. The tests were to explore the methodology for QTVR panorama creation and use as an upgrade from the Canon 10D and Sigma 8mm lens combinations.


When using the Canon 10D and 20D with the Sigma 8mm, the workflow I use is based on 6 photographs around in the plane and 1 up shot and sometimes I'd do a 1 down shot.

The 10-22mm zoom on the 1.6 crop Canon 20D camera results in an effective FOV equal to that of a 16mm lens, this is still fine for the 6 around in the plane but is a problem for the up shot, 1 isn't enough, nor 2, 4 works but this was hard to get right since my panorama head was set to 12 out of 360 click stops.

So I have settled on the the method.
  • 6 shots around at -30 down
  • 6 shots around at +30 down
  • plus 1 up
On average the 13 files with the 20D and .jpg comes in at 50Mb of data.


13 shots at camera on M with ISO 100, shutter 1 1/6 sec, aperture f/8.0, custom white balance, manual focus.
Stitched with QTVR software Realviz Stitcher 4.0.1 producing a native file size of 9216x4608 pixel spherical file as shown above.(render time was 4 mins on my G5 Dual 2Ghz machine).

Example Full Screen QTVR movies

Full resolution QTVR 3.5 Mb movie movie from 121Mb original with 2932x2932 pixel cubic faces with 30% photo jpg compression
Medium resolution QTVR 1.4 Mb movie movie from 35Mb original with 1592x1592 pixel cubic faces with 30% photo jpg compression