blog added 11/11/2006

Here is a screen capture recording of my Realviz Stitcher 5.5 Unlimited workflow to make a panorama photographed with my Canon 5D and Canon 15mm FE lens. This demo shows me stencil out the 360precision adjuste panorama tripod head side arms. Note, I think the Realviz Stitcher software did not like me using the screen capture software at the same time since it appears to take 50% longer to do anything, this is strange since I do have an 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo to do this demo (a Apple iMac 24").

This video presentation requires Adobe Flash 8 player, and press the play button to start the video.

Here are the resultings equirectangular images. Click on these image to see the Apple QTVR movies.
1. Using the linear blending method in Realviz Stitcher - this doesn't do a good job at the seams.
2. Using the external enblend 2.5 method - works well
3. Using the external smartblend tool - works well