blog added 03/12/2006

I have just been using the Demo new version of Stitcher Unlimited 5.5.1 DS and it is rather different than the original shipping version Stitcher 5.5 Unlimited. The demo I downloaded works with the a original Stitcher Unlimited 5.5. serial code to become a fully functioning version of 5.5.1. Most interestingly it has a new distortion correction tool!

IS THIS what we have all be waiting for ? I use the Canon 5D and Canon 15mm FE combination, but a lot of people seem to have Nikon cameras and are using the Nikon 10.5 FE lens, may be they haven't discovered the advantages of Canon over Nikon yet, but that is a different story........ Nikon users have been very upset that Stitcher Unlimited does not cope with their 10.5 FE lens, well they should have gone for Canon, but  as I say that is different story

Well lets see what Stitcher 5.5.1 has to offer these sad Nikon users and in fact the rest of us, because of the new correction tools.

Below are some tests with the 10.5mm FE and the Nikon D200, this isn't mine but the 360precision sample files c.f. their front page

I used sample set 3

Now here is a screen shot of the panorama in RVS U 5.5

Here is a screen shot of the panorama in RVS U 5.5.1

Notice the new distortion parameters -highlighted- and rather different Angle values.

So what about the results?

Well here are some, these are "spherical" jpgs rather QTVR, take them into your favourite software to check them out.

1) RVS U 5.5 with internal smart render

2) RVS U 5.5.1 with internal smart render

3) RVS U 5.5.1 with external smart render

4) RVS U 5.5.1 with internal morph render

5) RVS U 5.5.1 with internal morph render

Actually versions 1-3 are about the same, but looking back at my comments in the long running 10.5 Realviz forum thread, this is what I saw before, Stitcher Unlimited does a good job when using the smart feature. Not perfect, since there are a couple of stitching errors in the zenith and it seems to be prone to wavy lines in the zenith.

Now, sample 4 is not great, and I think THIS what all the issues were about the 10.5 and Stitcher.

Is sample 5 better ? Yes, not a lot but it is better.

The question, should we be expecting 5 to be better, when the smart blends do a good job?

Hope this gives some useful info.