Welcome to the Virtual Tour of Balliol College, part of the Virtual Tour of Oxford. The tour features high quality, interactive 360° photographs taken around both the College and its outlying buildings. These photographs may be seen from the maps here.

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Balliol College maintains a claim to be the oldest college in the University. The college is thought to date back as far as 1263 when John Balliol, a wealthy English Lord, and his wife Princess Dervorguilla of Galloway bought and maintained a house for poor students in the suburbs of Oxford as an act of charity. When John Balliol died in 1269, his widow Dervorguilla put his arrangements on a permanent basis, and gave the College its first seal, which it still bears.

The college occupies a significant portion of Broad Street, and extends onto land further east in the form of the "Master's Field" and Holywell Manor Complex.

The college Web site can be found here.