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The Hall interior reached through a porch beneath two further quaint and indecipherable heads, has undergone considerable modification. Until 1748 it was heated with braziers, the smoke escaping through a lantern in the timber roof. Then, in conformity with changing standards of comfort, a fireplace was added and the existing roof sealed with a barrel-vault of plaster. The panelling, by Arthur Frogley, dates from the 168os.

The Hall is a well-proportioned space, and its intimate atmosphere gains from the collection of portraits of benefactors, Principals, and distinguished members of the College. The paintings are not all of great artistic merit, but they form an interesting gallery, from the founders at the far end to a resplendent female figure between the entrance doors: Sarah, Duchess of Somerset, donator of several scholarships in the seventeenth century.

The ancient brazen nose is hung behind the Principal's chair, beneath the royal arms, and there are several panels of old glass-heraldic, representational, and frivolous in the bay-windows, including excellent likenesses of the Founders.

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