The Centre of the Universe


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This newly-commissioned installation by the highly regarded artist Jem Finer, The Centre of the Universe, takes the form of a large-scale spiral tower supporting a radio dish. It is both a sculptural object, set in the landscape more than ten metres high, and a working radio telescope. The tower in The Centre of the Universe, like The Tower of Babylon, is an observatory reaching upwards from its location on earth to the stars, while the dish waits passively for information emitted up to 15 billion years ago. Visit Jem in his on-site "lab" next to the Tower during the exhibition.

Jem Finer is an artist and a musician working in a diverse range of fields, including music, film, performance and photography. Recent and ongoing work includes films shot in zero gravity and Longplayer, a 1000-year long composition which started to play on January 1 2000. Jem is also former guitarist/banjo player with the Pogues. Find out more about Jem's residency in Oxford University's Astrophysics department at his weblog