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This site requires a frames-capable browser with Javascript enabled. It works in both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You also need Macromedia's Flash and Apple's Quicktime plug-ins.


Flash is a plug-in for your browser that lets you view Flash content. It displays vector graphics (which makes file sizes incredibly small), it is scalable to fit any sized browser window and is fully interactive.

To correctly view the Virtual Tour, you must have the very latest version of the Macromedia Flash plug-in (Flash 6). Macromedia Flash 6 is required to use the interactive map of Oxford. You can download it here. It should install automatically in Microsoft Internet Explorer. In Netscape, you might have to install it yourself. Simply double-click it and run through the short installation process. You won't even have to restart your browser.


The Apple Quicktime "Plug-in" for your browser is required (the latest version 6 is recommended). If you see the QuickTime logo below you have it correctly installed.

Tips on viewing the panoramas:

The panoramas are made using QuickTime VR, a photgraphic virtual reality technology that makes it possible to explore places as if you were really there. QuickTime VR moves the photographic image from the flat, 2D world into a more immersive experience with 3D imagery.
When you click on a panorama symbol on the map which looks like the panorama is displayed to the left of the map. Underneath the photograph are the QTVR controls:

Use these controls to zoom in and out of the image and drag a zoomed object. You will notice as you roll over each tool's icon, its function appears in the status bar.
To move around in a panorama, simply click and drag your mouse to the left or right within the picture.


You see a broken plug-in icon (a little jigsaw piece) when you try to view the map or a panorama.
Something has gone wrong with the download and installation process of the plug-ins. Restart your browser and try the process one more time.

The website runs slowly on your computer.
The faster your computer, the faster the site will run. Things you can do to speed it up is close down other processor intensive applications and you can also right-click on the map and choose a lower quality.

You've tried everything but you can't get it to work. Then email Karl Harrison.