Dates Places, homes and points of interest relevant to Tolkien's time in Oxford
1892 Born, South Africa
1895 Moves to Birmingham, UK
1911 'Exhibition' at Exeter College
1918-1919 Works at old Ashmolean, Broad Street. Living at 50 St John's St
1919-1920 Lived at - 1 Alfred St, attended the local church, St Aloysius
1925 Rowlinson and Bosworth Professorand Fellow of Pembroke College - he lectures at the Examination Schools
1926(-1930) 'Inklings' meeting in 'Eagle and Child'. Living at 22 Northmoor Rd
1930(-1947) 'Inklings' continue to meet in 'Eagle and Child'. Living at 20 Northmoor Rd
1937 'The Hobbit' is published
1945(-1959) Merton Professor of English
1947 Living at 3 Manor Rd
1950 Living at 99 Hollywell St
1953(-1968) Lived - 76 Sandfield Rd, attended St Anthony's Church nearby
1954(-1955) 'Lord Of The Rings' is published
1963 Fellow of Exeter / Emeritus fellowship at Merton
1968(-1972) Living in Bournemouth
1972 Awarded honorary doctorate in literature at Sheldonian
1973 Dies whilst living at 21 Merton St - grave in Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford. Commerative bench placed along with two trees, in the University Parks. Tolkien had a favourite tree in the Botanic Gardens, Oxford