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N            ew Teaching Laboratories

                              for Undergraduate Students

                              As we celebrate 100 years of the Dyson Perrins Laboratory and
                              the Part II, we look forward to the next hundred years - with
                              new  undergraduate teaching laboratories designed for 21st
                              century chemistry.

                                                                                                                    Pictures courtesy of architects   Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp

              Work on our new undergraduate teaching laboratories   Consolidating the three teaching laboratories into one
              began in spring and continues apace.  Situated between   single state-of-the-art facility will enable us to overhaul
              Mansfield and St Cross roads and designed by architects   the curriculum for undergraduates and to offer a fully-
              Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, the new laboratories will   integrated practical course by October 2018.   Skills courses
              form an addition to the stepped structure of the existing   delivered at the start of the first and second year will equip
              Tinbergen Building, overlooking the University Club’s
              playing fields.  They will bring together practical teaching in
              organic, inorganic and physical chemistry for the first time,
              enabling cutting-edge new interdisciplinary experiments
              that mirror the collaborative nature of our research

              The new laboratories will accommodate 200 students
              over two floors and will include synthetic labs with a full
              complement of fume hoods (including height adjustable
              workstations for students with disabilities), a state-of-
              the-art analytical instrumentation suite, write-up areas,
              prep rooms, and a student social hub.  The social hub will
              provide students with their own dedicated space within
              the department, and together with the new write-up areas
              we hope to encourage students to stay and write up their
              experiments within the department rather than returning
              to their colleges.

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