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students with key practical skills, enabling them to focus   Team. Our outreach programme offers a wide range of
          on the science rather than learning new skills in later   fun and challenging practical activities that are enjoyed by
          more complex experiments.  New experiments will bring   thousands of visiting students from hundreds of schools.
          the course up to date and make it more directly relevant   We are very proud of our work to support teachers in
          to industry and other sectors, enhancing the skills and   raising aspirations and inspiring the next generation
          employability of all of our graduates.  The new laboratories   of chemists. The new labs will provide more space and
          represent an exciting opportunity for Oxford Chemistry   equipment that will enable us to enhance our outreach
          to lead the way in providing the best possible teaching in   programme. We look forward to providing school students
          practical chemistry.                               with even better opportunities to develop and enrich their
                                                             practical skills and to continue to share our enjoyment of
          State-of-the-art equipment will be available in the labs, and   the ever-evolving world of practical chemistry.
          through the generosity of the Department’s supporters,
          new bench top NMR has already arrived.  Teaching   If you are interested in learning more or in working
          Laboratory Manager Dr Malcolm Stewart said         with us we would love to hear from you. To mark the
                                                             centenary of the Dyson Perrins Laboratory, we offer the
          “This is a great start and I’m                     opportunity for alumni and friends to celebrate 100 years
          delighted – sample analysis will                   of undergraduate teaching by dedicating one of the bespoke
          be much quicker and easier for                     fume hoods in the new laboratories. You can dedicate
                                                             your fume hood with a gift of £1,916. All gifts, however
          our students, and these machines                   large or small, are very much appreciated and will make a

          bring opportunities to extend our                  valuable contribution to the future of practical chemistry
                                                             at Oxford. We also have a number of other opportunities
          outreach work to schools in new                    available, including industry partnership, and sponsorship
          and exciting ways.”                                and naming opportunities. If you are interested in learning
                                                             more, or wish to work with us to shape the future of
          In addition to housing our undergraduate practical course,   chemistry teaching and research please do get in touch
          our new laboratories will also be used extensively by   with Susan Davis, Alumni Relations and Communications
          Oxford Chemistry’s dedicated and experienced Outreach   Officer.

                                                          War Horse Discovery

                                                          Excavations at the teaching labs site revealed some interesting
                                                          material for archaeologists.  It was known that the area might have
                                                          remains from the Civil War period (1642-51), so the area was
                                                          carefully examined before work began.  The investigation revealed a
                                                          large infilled ditch, and a row of deep pits that appear to be ‘pitfalls’
                                                          – man trap pits dug as defences against invaders.  One of the pits
                                                          contained the remains of a horse.  Archaeologists estimate that the
                                                          animal was over 4 years old, and between 14.5- 15.2 hands tall.
                                                          The photograph shows one of the horse’s legs, complete with shoe.
                                                          The finds are a useful addition to a growing body of knowledge
                                                          about Oxford during the Civil War, when the city was a Royalist
                                                          stronghold, while London remained the centre of parliamentarian

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