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                        ews & Achievements

                         A selection of recent highlights.
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              Oxford Chemistry tops                             OxStem Ltd, an Oxford spin-out co-founded by
              the League Tables.                                Professor Steve Davies and Professor Angela Russell,
              The Department’s MChem course has                 has launched a fourth subsidiary.
              come top of the Chemistry list in the             OxStem Cardio, co-founded with colleagues from the
              Guardian University Guide. Oxford’s               Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine and the British
              excellence rating was 100, the highest            Heart Foundation, aims to identify drugs that will restore lost
              score of any UK Chemistry department.             tissue following a heart attack by inducing cardiovascular
                                                                regeneration, in order to improve cardiac function.
              Professor Luet Wong was a finalist in the 2017 BBSRC
              Innovator of the Year competition which recognises the   Professor Roel Dullens has received a highly
              important impact bioscience research and innovation has on   prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant. The e2M project
              lives, society and the economy                    will fund a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to the
                                                                study of interfacial phenomena in colloidal systems.
              Professor Andrew Goodwin is the RSC Corday-Morgan
              Prize winner for 2017, awarded for the most meritorious   Professor Veronique Gouverneur has established an
              contributions to chemistry.  Andrew’s work focuses on   Innovative Training Network (ITN) to study late stage
              a range of useful materials, including artificial muscles,   fluorination and its applications to drug discovery.  EU-
              pharmaceuticals, new types of magnets, and solids that can   funded ITNs bring together universities and companies from
              convert waste heat into electricity.              different countries to train a new generation of researchers.

              Professor  Harry L. Anderson is the 2017 winner of   Dr Alexander Hinz, post-doc in the
              the Izatt-Christensen Prize, an international prize awarded   Goicoechea group, was selected
              annually for work in the field of macrocyclic chemistry.    as the 2017 RSC Dalton Emerging
                                                                Researcher for his contributions to low-
                               Professor Mike Mingos was        valent main group chemistry.
                               awarded the 2017 Blaise Pascal
                               Medal for Chemistry by the       Professor Justin Benesch was
                               European Academy of Sciences,    awarded the Howard Prize Lecture
                               in recognition of his outstanding   of the Biophysical Sciences Institute for his work on
                               personal contributions to science and   the role of dynamics in the assembly, activity and evolution of
                               technology and to the promotion of   proteins.
                               excellence in research and education.
                                                                Professor Paul Beer has received an honorary
              Professor Dame Carol                              Doctorate from the University of Murcia, Spain.
              Robinson is President-Elect                       Research in the Beer group has made major contributions
              of the Royal Society of                           to the field of host-guest chemistry, which adds to the
              Chemistry for 2017-18.                            fundamental knowledge of how one molecule recognises
              Dame Carol has also been                          and interacts with another.
              elected as a Foreign Associate
              Member of the National                            Professor Ben Davis has been awarded the 2017 Prix
              Academy of Sciences.                              Paul Ehrlich of the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique
                                                                (SCT). The prize, for outstanding contributions to medicinal
                                                                chemistry, is awarded annually at the International Meeting
                                                                of Therapeutic Chemistry (RICT).

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