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                                                                     The         an

                                                                     Howe Prize

                                                                     This year’s Alan Howe Prize has been awarded
                                                                     jointly to Clara Hongri Suo and Nick Parker in
                                                                     recognition of their excellent work and enthusiasm
                                                                     as Junior Demonstrators in the teaching

                                                                     Established in honour of Alan Howe’s service to the
                                                                     Department, this annual prize of £300 is funded
                                                                     through the generosity of Oxford Chemistry
               Professor Ben Davis FRS is Fellow and Tutor in        alumni.   Alan retired in 2013 after over 30 years
               Organic Chemistry at Pembroke College.  His group’s   of helping undergraduates in the organic teaching
               research centres on the chemical understanding        laboratories.  His legacy of outstanding teaching,
               and exploitation of biomolecular function (Synthetic   welcoming and friendly character and incredible
               Biology, Chemical Biology and Chemical Medicine),     ability to help and remember every student serves
               with an emphasis on carbohydrates and proteins. In    as an inspiration to those who help in the labs
               particular, the group’s interests encompass synthesis   today.
               and methodology; target biomolecule synthesis;
               inhibitor/probe/substrate design; biocatalysis;       Clara and Nick were both delighted to receive the
                                                                     news of their awards, to be presented by Head of
               enzyme & biomolecule mechanism; biosynthetic          Department Professor Mark Brouard at the Oxford
               pathway determination; protein engineering; drug      Alumni Weekend in September.  Clara said “I will
               delivery; molecular biology; structural biology; cell   treasure this moment for a long time.”
               biology; glycobiology; molecular imaging and in vivo

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