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MSc in Theoretical Chemistry

The Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory has a strong theoretical group (under M S Child) working on molecular reaction dynamics, liquid and solid state simulation and the many-body quantum and statistical mechanics of disordered materials. The MSc course is designed to provide a broad introduction to quantum and statistical mechanics of chemical systems, at both conceptual and computational levels. It consists of an examined lecture course, an introduction to computational chemistry (which is subject to a proficiency test), and a short dissertation (which normally describes a project of about four months duration).

The MSc is intended to provide a focussed and coherent introduction to the broad range of theoretical chemistry for students who intend to work in this area either at Oxford or elsewhere. It is also suitable for those wishing to enter industry with a knowledge of modern theoretical techniques.

Further information is available from Professor M S Child FRS, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, South Parks Road, Oxford University, Oxford OX1 3QZ and on www:

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