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Aug 2017 to Aug 2018 License Now Available


  • New users please follow these instructions (Note: if the serial codes aren't sent automatically by this approach follow these next instructions)

  • Users who would like to update their software and obtain latest version ChemOffice Professional V16 please follow these instructions

  • Users who would like to just update their serial codes for Aug 2017 -2018 period please follow these instructions

ChemOffice Professional v16

ChemOffice is a scientifically intelligent, integrated suite of personal productivity tools that enables scientists and researchers to capture, store, retrieve and share data and information on compounds, reactions, materials and their properties. ChemBioOffice helps chemists and biologists to efficiently keep track of their work, visualize and gain a deeper understanding of their results and correlate biological activity with chemical structures.

ChemOffice includes the following applications:

ChemDraw is used by hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world to quickly and effectively draw molecules, reactions and biological entities and pathways for use in documents and electronic lab notebooks; to search databases, now including SciFinder; and to generate accurate names from structures and to predict properties and spectra.

ChemDraw for Excel adds chemical intelligence to Excel spreadsheets so that chemists can use Excel’s analysis, sorting and organization tools to further manipulate and enrich sets of compounds and data and explore structure-activity relationships

Chem3D generates 3D models so that chemists can view their compounds in three dimensions to assess shape and properties to maximize activity or specificity.

ChemFinder is a chemically-intelligent personal database system that scientists use to organize their compounds and to search for and correlate structures with properties and to transform data into easy to understand graphs to easily discern structure-activity relationships

CDSL Mobile is a site-deployable version of ChemDraw for iPad for Site Subscription customers


The complete ChemOffice suite is for MS Windows only.

Macintosh users can get the ChemDraw Professional v16 version which includes the latest and most feature-filled version of ChemDraw for the Macintosh.



Missing Serial Codes

If you cannot see a suitable serial code for a software version you would like, this is because the Perkin Elmer website has forgotten which software you have downloaded.

So just download afresh the software you would like a code for and Perkin Elmer website will email you serial codes and show them in the "my downloads" link.

PerkinElmer Inc., a Waltham life sciences company, said it has agreed to buy CambridgeSoft Corp., a Cambridge provider of discovery, collaboration, and knowledge enterprise solutions, scientific databases and professional services, for $205 million. PerkinElmer reported revenue of $1.7 billion in 2010.

The software can be installed by all academic staff, students and research workers here at Oxford University and on any of their computers.

ChemBioOffice Updates The upadates are found at the Cambridgesoft web site. 1) Log-in 2) Support 3) Downloads


Research Groups - If you want the software amd licenses code for mulitple departmetal computers in your research group, please contact IT Support help to request an upgrade or new codes.