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Chemistry at the interface with biology and medicine

Imaging and labelling; Biological structure and function; Drug discovery and medicinal  chemistry; Small molecule recognition and probes,surface binding, protein structure and dynamics; Synthetic Biology and Protein Engineering; Biophysics and single molecule studies; Bioinorganic: metal centred complexes; Drug delivery, nanomedicine; Computational Biology and Modelling; Photochemical processes and spectroscopy; Biological soft matter; Medical Diagnosis

Aarts; Anderson, H.; Armstrong; Baldwin, A; Bayley; Beer; Benesch; Brouard; Claridge; Compton; Conway; Davies; Davis, B.; Davis, J.; Dixon; Donohoe; Doye; Dullens; Faulkner; Flashman; Fleet; Gouverneur; Hamilton; Hancock; Hore; Kukura; McCullagh; Moloney; O’Hare; Ritchie; Robertson; Robinson; Russell; Schofield; Smith L.; Smith, M.; Timmel; Vallance; Vincent; Wallace; Willis; Wong

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Selected Published Highlights include:

  • 3D Printing of tissue-like materials (Science, 2013)
  • Hydrogenase-modified nanoparticles for producing H2 using light (JACS, 2009)
  • MS anaylses of membrane proteins (Science, 2011);
  • Palladium catalysed labelling of cells (JACS, 2013)
  • Use of porphyrins to measure potentials across lipid membranes (ACIE, 2013)
  • Discovery, structural, functional and mechanistic studies of the ribosomal oxygenases (Nat. Chem. Biol., 2012)
  • Use of nanopores for analyses of multiple biomolecules (Nat. Nanotechnol, 2009).

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