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Kinetics, dynamics and mechanism

Interfacial kinetics; Reaction dynamics; Photochemical and radical processes; Computation of Reaction pathways; Atmospheric chemistry and modelling

Anderson, H.; Armstrong; Baldwin, A; Benesch; BrouardClaridge; Compton; Davies; Davis, B.; Davis, J.; Hancock; Hore; Kukura; McCullagh; Mackenzie; O’Hare; Paton; Ritchie; Schofield; Smith L.; Softley; Timmel; Vallance; Vincent


Selected Published Highlights include:

  • Demonstration that a chemical reaction can respond to magnetic fields as weak as the Earth’s and to the direction of a magnetic field (Nature, 2008);
  • Kinetics of ultracold ion-molecule reactions using laser cooled ions and a velocity selector for neutral molecules (PRL, 2008)
  • New quantum mechanical mechanism for collision-induced orientation (PRL, 2013)
  • Experimental and theoretical elucidation of the mechanism of the avian magnetic compass (PNAS, 2012)
  • Dynamics of the primary photo-isomerisation event in vision: ultrafast spectroscopy reveals the role played by a “conical intersection” (Nature, 2010)
  • Electron transfer kinetics at single nanoparticles (NanoToday, 2012).


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