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Advanced functional materials and Interfaces

Solid state synthesis; Polymers and soft materials; Energy materials; Geometrical Structure; Electronic Structure; Optical properties; Thin Film Depositions; Magnetism and superconductivity; Chemical properties; Nanoscale chemistry; surface chemistry and structure; electrode interfaces; soft matter and colloidal systems; clusters

Aarts; Aldridge; Anderson, H.; Armstrong; Barford; Battle; Bayley; Beer; Benesch; Brouard; Christensen; Clarke; Compton; Cooper; Davis, B.; Davis, J.; Dixon; Doye; Dullens; Edwards; Fletcher; Foord; Goicoechea; Goodwin; Hayward; Mackenzie; Moloney; O’Hare; Perkin; Thompson; Softley;  Tsang; Vallance; Vincent; Wallace; Wong


Selected Published Highlights include:

  • Discovery of a material (zinc dicyanoaurate) that expands under pressure (Nat. Mater., 2013)
  • Nature of the band gap and origin of conductivity of PbO2 (lead acid batteries) (PRL, 2011)
  • New methods for evaluating adsorption of substrates onto metal nanoparticles by NMR (Science, 2011)
  • Synthesis of porphyrins fused to anthracenes to generate large planar p-systems with strong electronic infrared absorption (JACS, 2011)
  • Use of multiwall WS2 nanotube templates to prepare defect-free inorganic nanotubular structures (ACIE, 2009)
  • Photocatalysis by zinc oxide nanoparticles; size and shape effects on activity (JACS, 2009)


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