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Innovative Measurement and photon science

Physical and analytical technique development; Labelling and Imaging; Genome technologies; Microscopy and single molecule; Laser applications and photonics; Femtosecond spectroscopy; Electrochemical sensors; Spectroscopic techniques; Magnetic Resonance (NMR + ESR); Mass Spectrometry; Diffraction + Structure (X Ray, Neutron, Diamond); Microfluidics

Aarts; Armstrong; Anderson, H.; Baldwin, A; Battle; Bayley; Beer; Benesch; Brouard; Christensen; Claridge; Compton; Cooper; Davis, B.; Dullens; Edwards; Egdell; Faulkner; Foord; Goodwin; Gouverneur; Hancock; Hore; Howard; Kukura; Mackenzie; McCullagh; O’HarePerkin; Ritchie;  Robinson; Smith, L.; Softley; Thompson; Timmel; Vallance; Wallace; Watkin


Selected Published Highlights include:

  • Use of dual-mode contrast media based on d-f hybrids for imaging applications (JACS, 2011)
  • Invention of Parkinsons and cardiovascular diagnostic devices (Chem Sci., 2012)
  • First fluorescence-free optical detection of single molecules (JPC Lett., 2010)
  • Pixel imaging mass spectrometry-fast imaging sensor for time-of-flight particle imaging applications (Physics Today, 2013)
  • Electrochemical sizing of nanoparticles in solution; observing the state of aggregation and concentration (ACIE, 2011).

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