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Natural product and asymmetric organic synthesis; Novel synthetic methodologies (fluorine...); Organometallics; Radiochemistry; Coordination chemistry; Supramolecular chemistry; Main group and lanthanide chemistry

Adlington; Aldridge; Anderson, E.; Anderson, H.; Beer; Burton; Conway; Davies; Davis, B.; Dixon; Donohoe; Faulkner;  Fleet; Fletcher; Goicoechea; Gouverneur; Hamilton; Hodgson; Lee; McCullagh; Moloney; MountfordO’Hare; Robertson; Russell; Schofield; Smith, M.; Vincent; Weller, Willis; Wong

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Selected Published Highlights include:

  • Invention of a Vernier strategy for template directed synthesis (Nature, 2011)
  • Reagents for chiral electrophilic fluorination (ACIE, 2013)
  • Synthesis of a solid rhodium(I) sigma-alkene complex (Science, 2012)

    and multiple examples of complex natural product syntheses.

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