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       Crabapples and Equilibrium

Example. The boy is twice as fast at covering territory as the old man. At stalemate, the boy's yard is littered with three apples per square foot. What is the density of apples on the old man's side?
Solution. From the conditions of the problem,

and = 3 apples


or = 6 apples
The old man has six apples per square foot on his side at equilibrium.

The stalemate is an equilibrium between two opposing apple throwing processes. At equilibrium the throwing of apples back and forth obviously has not stopped, yet if we were keeping a tally only of the number of apples on either side, we would see that no more net changes were taking place. This is illustrated by the Phase V stalemate. The concentration of apples on the two sides of the fence will not change any further until one or the other combatant gets tired and begins to slow down.

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