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Reaction Name Difficulty Reactant Product
Aldol - Acid Catalysed 2 Aldehyde Aldol + Dehydrated Product
Aldol - Base Catalysed 2 Aldehyde Aldol + Dehydrated Product
Baeyer-Villiger 4 Ketone Ester
Balz-Schiemann 1 Diazo Aromatic Fluoride
Beckmann 3 Oxime Amide
Bischler-Napieralski 4 Amide Isoquinoline
Cannizzaro 2 2 x Aldehyde Alcohol + Carboxylic Acid
Chichibabin Amination 3 Pyridine 2-Aminopyridine
Claisen 2 2 x Ester b-Ketoester
Darzens 3 a-Halo Ester + Aldehyde / Ketone a-Epoxide Ester
Dieckmann 3 Diester Cyclic b-Ketoester
Favorskii 3 a-Halogeno Carbonyl / Alkoxide Ester
Fischer 5 Aryl Hydrazine + Ketone Indole
Friedel-Crafts Acylation 2 Arene Acylated Arene
Friedel-Crafts Alkylation 2 Arene Alkylated Arene
Gabriel 3 Haloalkane Amine
Gatterman-Koch 2 Arene Formylated Arene
Hantzsch Pyridine Synthesis 5 2 x Ketone + Aldehyde Pyridine
Hantzsch Thiazole Synthesis 3 a-Chloroketone Thiazole
Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky 3 Carboxylic Acid b-Bromo Carboxylic Acid
Hofmann 4 Amide Isocyanate
Knoevenagel 3 Malonic Acid E-Alkenoic Acid
Knorr 4 Ketone + a-Aminoketone Pyrrole
Kornblum 2 Alkyl Halide Carbonyl
Mannich 4 Thiophene / Pyrrole / Alkyl-Fuan Aminomethyl Heterocycle
Meerwein-Pondorf-Verley 3 Ketone Alcohol
Mitsunobu 3 Alcohol Nu- Substituted Alkane
Nametkin 2 Terpene Rearranged Hydroxy-Terpene
Paal-Knorr Furan Synthesis 3 1, 4-Diketone Furan
Paal-Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis 3 1, 4-Diketone Pyrrole
Paal-Knorr Thiophene Synthesis 3 1, 4-Diketone Thiophene
Payne 2 2, 3-Epoxy Alcohol 1, 2-Epoxy Alcohol
Perkin 3 Acid Anhydride a, b-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acid
Peterson - Acid Catalysed 3 Carbonyl Alkene
Peterson - Base Catalysed 3 Carbonyl Alkene
Pictet-Spengler 4 b-Arylethylamine + Aldehyde Tetrahydroisoquinoline
Pinacol 2 1, 2-Diol Carbonyl
Pummerer 3 Sulphoxide a-acyloxythioether
Ramberg-Backlund 2 a-halosulphone Alkene
Reformatsky 3 a-Haloester b-Hydroxyester
Robinson Ring Annulation 3 b-Ketoalkene + a, g-Diketone Fused Rings
Robinson-Gabriel 3 a-Aminoketone + Acid Chloride Oxazole
Semi-Pinacol 3 b-Amino Alcohol Carbonyl
Simmons-Smith 3 Alkene Cyclopropane
Skraup 3 Aniline + Glycerol Quinoline
Stobbe 3 Diester Unsaturated Ester Carboxylate
Strecker 3 Aldehyde Amino Acid
Swern 3 Alcohol Carbonyl
Thorpe 4 2 x Nitrile Aminonitrile
Tiffeneau-Demjanov 4 Ketone Ring-Expanded Ketone
Vilsmeier 4 Reactive Aromatic + Amide Substituted Aromatic Carbonyl
Wagner-Meerwein 2 Alcohol Alkene
Williamson 1 Alcohol Ether
Wittig 2 Carbonyl Alkene
Wolff-Kischner 3 Carbonyl Alkane
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