Video Editing Script

Title Superconductor Experiment
Date 18 October 1996
Filmed by Chris Eason, David C Jones, Devin Lo, Keith Waters
Presenter Katharine Allen
Location ICL Upper Teaching Laboratory

Production Two sequences
1. Preparation of the superconductor
2. The Meissner Effect

1. Preparation of the superconductor (approx 1:30)

Video time Description
20:43-20:49 Grinding materials
22:12-22:18 Loading die with powder
22:20-22:40 Loading press
29:13-29:44 Pumping
26:31-26:32 Close up of press gauge
32:18-32:33 Unloading and showing pellet
13:17-13:20 Pellet before furnace
13:49-14:22 Loading furnace
Fade to black (overnight wait)
19:09-20:40 Unloading furnace
13:27-13:35 Pellet post furnace

2. The Meissner Effect (approx 1:20)

Video time Description
03:14-03:57 Katharine's introduction
07:27-07:34 Filling with Nitrogen
08:15-08:37 The Meissner Effect
10:41-10:52 Sideways zoom in

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