Converting the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory's Lower Teaching Laboratory into a virtual format was our second attempt at using Quicktime VR. We photographed the scene using a film camera, allowing better control over the exposure and giving much higher resolution results. Click here to find out more about how to make Quicktime VR scenes.

The plan on the right illustrates the content of the virtual lab. Thesymbols indicate the points in the lab where you can stand and look around you. These are called nodes. The arrows indicate in which direction you would be looking if you clicked on one of these links. The brown shaded coloured blocks indicate the benches in the lab and the coloured areas show where you can perform an experiment.

Click on the links on the left or one of the symbols on the map to enter the lab. If you're not sure about how to control Quicktime VR scenes then have a look at the instructions.

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