Prepare a flask C as follows: Place 3 cm of  Iodomethane in a 250 cm round bottomed flask with side-arm. Then add 20 cm of dry tetrahydrofuran and a magnetic stirrer bead as shown here. Stopper the flask and pass a stream of Nitrogen for about 7 min.

Transfer the product from flask A to flask C in the following way:

First switch on the stirrer motor. Open the side-arm tap on flask A so that there is a positive nitrogen pressure and insert the metal capillary transfer tube, ensuring that the tube does not touch the liquid. Push the other end of the transfer tube into flask C.

Insert an outlet needle into the rubber stopper of flask C and then transference from flasks A to C is achieved by lowering the tube below the liquid level in A as shown.

Progressively lower the tube into flask A but avoid transferring any solid residue. Gently stir the contents of flask C for 5 minutes when transfer is complete.

When stirring is completed, remove the transfer tube from flask C and open the side-arm tap to flush with nitrogen. Close tap 4 and remove flask A from the line. Carefully pour the exhausted amalgam into the residue bottle provided.