10. Playing with a Full Deck:
       The Periodic Table
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The transition metals are inserted between Groups IIA and IIIA, beginning with Row 4. They are given group numbers that continue the numbering of the representative elements, but their numbers are followed by B instead of A. Group IIIB follows IIA in Row 4, then comes IVB through VIIIB, followed by IB and IIB, and a resumption of the representative elements with IIIA. This numbering is shown on the table at the left. The inner transition metals are so much less important that they are not given group numbers at all. In this chapter we shall look for the last time at the representative elements as a whole, introduce the transition metals, and have very little to say about the inner transition metals.

Representative elements reflect the filling of s and p orbitals, transition metals of f orbitals. The extra-long form of the periodic table at the top shows the filling of the orbitals in their proper order, but is large and clumsy. The standard long form of the table below it removes the inner transition metals to as separate block, and the short form shown on the previous page also separates out the transition metals
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