The wearing of protective clothing

You must always wear a "lab coat" (cotton or polyester but not nylon, which is porous and constitutes a fire risk). This will both protect your clothing and may easily be removed if you get burning solvent or other dangerous material on it. This coat should not be worn outside the laboratory.

You must always wear suitable eye protection. This will normally be the safety spectacles issued to you, but if you wear prescription spectacles, these should be fitted with safety lenses. You are reminded that the wearing of contact lenses in a chemistry laboratory is highly undesirable; any corrosive gas or liquid that permeates to the rear of the lens can do irreparable damage and you are very strongly advised to wear prescription lenses instead. If you are working with corrosive or other dangerous material, goggles or a face mask should be worn; these can be obtained from the service hatch.

You must wear gloves if you are handling material that is corrosive or dangerous by skin absorption or capable of causing an allergic reaction. If in doubt, check the material in one of the handbooks provided, and if you believe yourself to be particularly prone to allergic reactions, you should wear gloves at all times.

If your hair is long it must be kept under control. Long hair is not only a fire hazard but it may also become caught in equipment such as stirrer motors.