Electrical safety

You must not carry out any electrical alterations or repairs. Defective equipment should be returned immediately to the technician. Keep all wiring off the bench tops if possible. This is particularly important where the equipment is being used in a fume cupboard, and is more likely to be exposed to spillages of water and corrosive chemicals.
Electrical equipment or apparatus should not be touched with wet or damp hands nor when standing on a wet surface. The electrical controls of simmerstats, speed regulators, etc. should also be raised clear of the bench top and located out of the way of possible spillages.
Before use, the wiring to communal equipment (for example stirrers, hot plates, heating mantles etc.) should be examined and, if not in a safe condition, the equipment should be returned immediately to a technician for repair. Wiring must not be allowed to become entangled with rubber tubing carrying water or to trail through drainage troughs.