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Plastics from Another Perspective

Year 10-11 and Teachers
Currently only available to selected schools.  
Workshop Description
This workshop focuses on the life cycle of common polymers, the role and benefits of research into polymer synthesis and the use of Infra-Red spectroscopy (IR) in polymer research. Students have an opportunity to ask questions of researchers working in this field. 
Concepts covered
  • Polymerisation
  • Life-cycle assessments
  • Sustainabilty and climate change
Prior learning required
Students should be familiar with carbon chemistry 
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Chiral Chemistry Workshop

Year 12-13 (16-19 years old) and Teachers
UK state schools only 
Workshop Description
This workshop focuses on the 3D shapes of molecules, what the word ‘chiral’ means, the importance of chiral molecules in biology, and about the resources available to research chemists looking at proteins, in particular current research focused on the main protease in SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the current pandemic. 
Concepts covered
  • Geometric isomerism
  • Optical isomerism 
  • Chirality in therapeutic drug molecules
  • Chirality in proteins 
  • Enzymes and active sites 
Prior learning required
Students should be familiar with skeletal formulae and the functional groups encountered at GCSE. 
Post-workshop Resources
Self-directed resource available

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