Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The Department of Chemistry has a vibrant and diverse community of 223 postdoctoral researchers, 35% of whom are female (compared to 29% UK-wide [Royal Society of Chemistry Diversity Landscape Report 2018]). Our scientists come from a broad range of backgrounds and from all over the world, as well as from all around the UK. Our research community has an inclusive ethos and offers opportunities for all kinds of social and intellectual collaboration.

The following profiles highlight some of our researchers’ diverse backgrounds and interests.

Dr Jurgen Brem
(Chris Schofield)

Dr Karina Calvopina
(Chris Schofield)

Dr Sarah Cleary
(Kylie Vincent)

Dr Przemyslaw Gawel
(Harry Anderson)


Dr Michal Hejduk
(Brianna Heazlewood)

Dr Hamish Hepburn
(Tim Donohoe)

Dr Xiao Hua
(Andrew Goodwin)

Dr Marielle Kenfack
(Ben Davis)


Dr Leonie Kertess
(Fraser Armstrong)

Dr Sejeong Lee
(Hagan Bayley)

Dr Jamie Leitch
(Darren Dixon)

Dr Nobina Mukherjee
(Hagan Bayley)


Dr Abraham Olusegun Oluwole
(Carol Robinson)

Dr Tharindi Panduwawala
(Chris Schofield)

Dr Carla Perez-Martinez
(Susan Perkin)

Dr Gabriele Pupo
(Veronique Gouverneur)


Dr Roy Schreiber
(Jose Goicoechea)

Dr Lisa Thompson
(Kylie Vincent)

Dr Jutta Toscano
(Brianna Heazlewood)