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Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The Wellcome Trust has announced the award of £127m to fund 23 PhD programmes in science across the country.  Bids for these highly-competitive awards were assessed for both the excellence of the science that their programmes would provide, and for the culture of the research environment in which the students would be trained. 

Chemistry in Cells, a new programme led by Stuart Conway, Akane Kawamura, Frances Platt and Angela Russell, was one of three successful bids for the University of Oxford and will offer graduates a four year funded programme of outstanding training in scientific research.

Professor Conway said "We are delighted that the Wellcome Trust has supported our Programme, which will catalyse the application of cutting-edge chemistry and physical science techniques to solve important biomedical problems. The collaborative, interdisciplinary nature of our Programme will result in highly innovative research, which will transform our understanding of biology and, ultimately, improve patient health. We are very proud to be pioneering a novel framework for our Training Programme, promoting a diverse and positive research culture change that we aim to propagate across Oxford and the UK. We believe that by promoting a supportive and inclusive culture we will enable the best research."

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