UNIQ Chemistry

UNIQ is:

- free for participants;

- sustained over a period of months;

- a way to connect with our current undergraduate, graduate students and academics;

- packed with academic and social activities;

- easy to apply for;

- for state school students.

Our jam-packed programme is perfect for anyone considering studying chemistry at university and is a great way for you to see how the course is taught at an undergraduate level in Oxford.

Through participating you will get an idea of the broad scope of the Oxford course, support for applying, as well as learning new skills and techniques you can apply to your A-level studies.

As part of the wider programme, we run an academic module to provide an opportunity to experience life as a Chemistry undergraduate.

The course features a mixture of lectures, tutorials, and practical work to give you the full academic experience.

Lectures cover a range of subjects, showcasing the diversity and breadth of the Chemistry degree. A wide-ranging lecture programme will cover important scientific and topical subjects, with recent examples being crystal structures, chirality, hydrogen fuel cells, the chemistry of oxygen, animal magnetism, DNA, and quantum chemistry.

Following lectures, students participate in tutorials covering physical, inorganic and organic branches of chemistry. These tutorials take the form of teaching new information that expands upon previous knowledge, and involves group discussion and problem-solving. They are designed to give you a valuable insight into the tutorial system, which is unique to the Oxford course.

Afternoons consist of practical activities to explore aspects related to the taught course. 

You must be studying Maths and Chemistry to A Level in order to apply.

Further Maths, Physics or Biology are useful but not essential. 

For state school students only, with selection based on school grades and socioeconomic and educational background.